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Meet the team that has been producing brand building events that generate national press coverage, social media buzz, consumer loyalty, and sales.
Together with our clients, we grow brands and businesses.

Sanjay Kaul is the founder and CEO of Impact Group companies. A vigorous advocate of Rural Marketing, he has been proactive in undertaking numerous initiatives to promote potential of Rural Markets in the Industry space. He has also served as president of prestigious industry body Rural Marketing Association of India (RMAI) and now is chairman of its advisory board. CMO Asia has recently awarded him as one of India’s Most Talented Rural Marketing Professional.
Sanjay Kaul


Nidhi is a born negotiator, integration evangelist and is a tenacious brand steward. With over 17 years of marcom expertise in Rural, her understanding of different product categories has resulted in new client acquisition and high client retention rates. She was earlier associated with Ranbaxy, Perfect Relations, Media 20-20 & Mudra. When not playing the COO, she surrounds herself in naturopathy, nutrition, home decor, and everything else under the sun.
Nidhi Singh


Jugnu is a Brand & Marketing Strategist who comes with a rich & diverse experience of 17 years in Advertising and Experiential Marketing.. She has built a reputation for developing innovative brand experiences, incubating new business models and engaging brand activities across categories - Automobiles, Automation, FMCG, IT, White Goods etc. Not only is she a pro when it comes to planning and development, but she can also advise a team on where to find the best tamales in town.
Jugnu Kaul

Vice President

Jitendra is a curious soul. An experienced media, advertising and entertainment industry professional since more than 2 decades, he brings deep insights that generate effective solutions for each challenge. As a specialist for Rural Market for Brand Activations, Communications and Execution, he brings with him consumer insights that help create effective and efficient campaigns that are focused on pushing ROI to the maximum.
Jitendra Mathur

Vice President

A dynamic professional with over 9 years of rich experience in Account Management & Brand development, Mousami has handled both national and international projects for clients like Mahindra, TATA Motors, Volvo, Ford, and many more. She shows a strong ability to shape innovative performance, supported by her strengths in leadership, communication and decision-making.
Mousami Ganguly

Associate Vice President

Bringing human-centric mindfulness to the table, ‘JK’ enables the team and various partners to innovate and thrive. She is driven by her intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions and solutions inspired by her keen interest in politics, art, music, and humans. She has explored and evolved rural specific strategies with the top brands of the country.
Jankana Kaul